Neary Khmer has two more branches in town which are located in various places. One is in front of Angkor Wat Temple named Neary Khmer Angkor and another is Phum Stoeng Trorcheak in Bakong District.


Neary Khmer Angkor is located in Veal Village, Trorpeang Ses Commune, Siem Reap Distirct, Siem Reap Province. 


Stoeng Trorcheak is located in Phum Stoeng Village, Bakong District, Siem Reap Province. It is about 13km from Siem Reap town.


Below is the view of Stoeng Trorcheak Restaurant. 


 This is VIP Room served for more than 100 people.


This is outdoor cottage.

 Hammocks in Another cottage


The View of the Side Walk Nearby the River



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