Vision and Philosophy

  • 1. Neary Khmer Restaurant envisions a high standard restaurant in the country and region with good service, high quality and good hygience, and raises Khmer culture.


  • 2. We envision a restaurant with a strong teamwork and mutual understanding partners that we can learn and share our perspective to reach the goals. 


3. We belive that service, quality and hygience are the three predominent core to build a fame of a restaurant, and to strengthen the core education is very important; therefore, we provide our staff training on leadership and hospitality frequently. 


Recent Post


  • ស៊ីសាសាលាដ CAESAR SALAD 
  • ក្រិកសាលាដ GREEK SALAD 
  • ក្រិនសាលាដ GREEN SALAD 
  • ភ្លាម្រះសាច់ត្រី FISH SALAD WITH BITTER GOURD 
  • ញាំល្ហុងបង្គា PAPAYA SHRIMPS SALAD  


  • មាំឆៅពោះតាន់ KHMER MAM CHAOV POUS TAN 
  • ញាំម្នាស់សាច់មាន់ PINEAPPLE SALAD WITH CHICKEN 
  • ញាំស្វាយត្រីឆ្អើរ GREEN MANGO SALAD 
  • ស៊ីសាសាលាដ CAESAR SALAD 
  • ញាំល្ហុងបង្គា PAPAYA SHRIMPS SALAD  


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