Cooking Class

Neary Khmer Cooking Class is opened once or twice a year. We teach students various kinds of food from our menu. We charge for reasonable price from student with an interesting choice of food.

In 2016 we conducted a cooking class with Khmer Traditional Food such as Kakor soup to a couple from America. Look at some documentary images below.


The student is learning how to cook some ingredient before making Kakorsoup.


The student is learning how to slice vegetable for Kakor Soup.


The student is learning how to cook Amok fish.



  • ស៊ីសាសាលាដ CAESAR SALAD 
  • ក្រិកសាលាដ GREEK SALAD 
  • ក្រិនសាលាដ GREEN SALAD 
  • ភ្លាម្រះសាច់ត្រី FISH SALAD WITH BITTER GOURD 
  • ញាំល្ហុងបង្គា PAPAYA SHRIMPS SALAD  


  • មាំឆៅពោះតាន់ KHMER MAM CHAOV POUS TAN 
  • ញាំម្នាស់សាច់មាន់ PINEAPPLE SALAD WITH CHICKEN 
  • ញាំស្វាយត្រីឆ្អើរ GREEN MANGO SALAD 
  • ស៊ីសាសាលាដ CAESAR SALAD 
  • ញាំល្ហុងបង្គា PAPAYA SHRIMPS SALAD  


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